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Get the pharmacology guidance proven to help aspiring nurses succeed on the NCLEX and later as a professional nurse. Using a streamlined prototype approach, an emphasis on nursing care, plus a wealth of other trademark features, Pharmacology: A Patient-Centered Nursing Process Approach, 10th Edition makes it easy for you to really understand pharmacology. Prototype drug charts summarize the need-to-know information about key drugs, including dosage, side effects, interactions, and more. Images of current drug package labels reinforce your understanding of text content using relevant, true-to-life learning. Bulleted nursing process summaries relate nursing care to drug therapy in addition to highlighting patient teaching, patient safety, and relevant cultural content. Finally, the unique and thorough drug calculations section features math review as well as step-by-step instructions for drug calculations using the four general methods of dosage calculation. All in all this text has all the tools you need to better understand the complicated subject of pharmacology.

Pharmacology - E-Book: A Patient-Centered Nursing Process Approach 10th Edition

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    • No. of pages: 2659 pages

    • Language: English

    • Edition: 10

    • Published: January 11, 2020

    • Paperback ISBN: 9780323642477

    • eBook ISBN: 9780323654326

    • Cover image

    • Title page

    • Table of Contents

    • Unit I. Introduction to Pharmacology

    • Unit II. Pharmacotherapy and Drug Administration

    • Unit III. Maintenance of Homeostasis

    • Unit IV. Autonomic Nervous System Drugs

    • Unit V. Central and Peripheral Nervous System Drugs

    • Unit VI. Mental and Behavioral Health Drugs

    • Unit VII. Pain and Inflammation Management Drugs

    • Unit VIII. Antimicrobial Drugs

    • Unit IX. Immunologic Drugs

    • Unit X. Antineoplastics and Biologic Response Modifiers

    • Unit XI. Respiratory Drugs

    • Unit XII. Cardiovascular Drugs

    • Unit XIII. Gastrointestinal Drugs

    • Unit XIV. Eye, Ear, and Skin Drugs

    • Unit XV. Endocrine Drugs

    • Unit XVI. Renal and Urologic Drugs

    • Unit XVII. Reproductive and Gender-Related Drugs

    • Unit 18. Emergency Drugs

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